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100 Portraits
Jann Arden
Shane Barnard
The Beatles
Ed Cash
Eva Cassidy
Steven Curtis Chapman
Gary Chapman
Eric Church
Paul Colman
The Cranberries
Jim Croce
Bob Dylan
The Eagles
George and Ira Gershwin
João Gilberto
David Gray
Charlie Hall
Larry Haron
Harrod And Funck
Ben Harper
Hughes And Wagner
Indigo Girls
Jarabe de Palo
Billy Joel
Emily Kaitz
Allen Levi
Gordon Lightfoot
Love Song
Don McLean
Mitch McVicker
Rich Mullins
The New Creation Singers
Over The Rhine
Ginny Owens
Michael Penn
Peter Paul And Mary
John Peterson
Pierce Pettis
Tom Petty
Jill Phillips
The Pretenders
The Schuers
Simon And Garfunkel
Sixpence None The Richer
Smalltown Poets
The Smashing Pumpkins
Cat Stevens
Vigilantes Of Love
David Wilcox
Mark Williams
Neil Young

Waterdeep, derek webb, Bebo Norman, Andy Peterson, and Jennifer Knapp are on the Featured Artists page. Caedmon's Call has their own page.

100 Portraits - website
  •  Enter the Worship Circle
Austin Song  MP3 clip
Yah Yah  MP3 clip

Jann Arden - website
You Don't Know Me

Shane Barnard - website
If It Were Up To Me  MP3 clip
Oh Lord To You
Prodigal Me  MP3 clip

The Beatles - website
Honey Pie
Mother Nature's Son  Microsoft Word

Ed Cash - website

Eva Cassidy - website
Early Morning Rain

Steven Curtis Chapman - website
I Will Be Here

Gary Chapman
If You Ever Need Me

Eric Church - website
Those I've Loved

Paul Colman - website
No Problem  MP3 clip
Spending Time

The Cranberries - website

Jim Croce - website
Time In a Bottle

Bob Dylan - website
Tangled Up In Blue
The Times They Are A'Changin'

The Eagles
Lyin' Eyes
New Kid In Town
Tequila Sunrise

George and Ira Gershwin - website
Love Is Here To Stay

João Gilberto - website
The Girl From Ipanema

David Gray - website
Sail Away
Say Hello Wave Goodbye

Charlie Hall - website
Psalm 126
Take Me Away  MP3 clip

Larry Haron
Yellow, Black and White  MP3 clip

Harrod And Funck - fansite
All Fall Down
I Will Find Jill C.  MP3 clip

Ben Harper - website
Another Lonely Day

Silver Sword  MP3 clip

Hughes And Wagner
The End
Listen To The Rain  MP3 clip
Surface Of Things

Indigo Girls - website
Hey Jesus
Prince Of Darkness

Jarabe de Palo - website

Billy Joel - website
She's Always A Woman

Emily Kaitz - website
Tornado Season in Tulsa

Allen Levi - website
Tyler Talks Back  MP3 clip

Gordon Lightfoot - website
Early Morning Rain

Love Song - website
Let Us Be One

Don McLean - website
Sister Fatima

Mitch McVicker - website
Gospel Rain  MP3 clip
Heaven Is Waiting  MP3 clip

Rich Mullins - website
If I Stand
That Where I Am
You Did Not Have A Home

Neil Young - website
Comes a Time

The New Creation Singers
Be Of Good Cheer  MP3 clip
O Lord Thou Hast Searched Me  MP3 clip

Over The Rhine - website
Etcetera Whatever
Faithfully Dangerous

Ginny Owens - website
Own Me

Michael Penn - website
No Myth

Peter Paul And Mary - website
Early Morning Rain

John Peterson
Cry To Heaven  MP3 clip

Pierce Pettis - website
God Believes in You
Love Will Always Find Its Way

Tom Petty
Square One

Jill Phillips - website
Dry Town

The Pretenders - website
Back On The Chain Gang

Ridgely - website
Windows  MP3 clip

The Schuers - website
Famous Last Words

shack - website
Life With You
Pharisee Friend
Vagabond Dancing  MP3 clip

Simon And Garfunkel - website
April Come She Will

Sixpence None The Richer - website
Brighten My Heart
There She Goes
We Have Forgotten

Smalltown Poets
If You'll Let Me Love You

The Smashing Pumpkins - website

Spinoza - website
Losing Eva  MP3 clip

Cat Stevens - website
Wild World

Vigilantes Of Love - website
All We Left Unsaid  Unreleased MP3
Doin' Time
Double Cure
Farther Up The Road  MP3 clip
This Time Isn't One Of Them

David Wilcox - website
Do I Dare

Mark Williams - website
How Do I Say Goodnight
Two Dollars

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