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This file is part of a collection that (moreso than the rest of the site) are not meant to be detailed or accurate transcriptions of the original recordings. They're just some simple chord charts that I made for my own use, some of them my own arrangements.
- T-rev

"LIKE ALWAYS" by The Association
From their 1968 album Birthday
Written by Tony Ortega, Bob Alcivar, Larry Ramos
Transcribed by T-rev

INTRO:  Em7   G7 G#7

  A7             D7              G7           C7
  Steppin' off a stone while I'm walkin' all alone
  A7           D7        G7      C7
  Walkin' all alone like always
       F         Bb7        Eb7             G#7
  I've got me a new car, it doesn't get me too far
  A7            D7       A7      D7
  I'm all outta gas like always

    A7            D7       G7             C7
  I gotta pay the rent but all my money's spent
  A7             D7         G7      C7
  All my money's spent like always
    F               Bb7       Eb7            G#7
  I wonder where my pay went. Missed another payment
  A7             D7         A7      D7
  I'm all out of bread like always

        F#m7  B7  F#m7      B7
        Girl ------ let the world
                F#m7  B7          F#m7  B7
        have my money --- I don't care
        Em7  A7  Em7       A7
        Girl ----- make my troubles seem
        C7        F7       Bb7        E7
        Funny and small in no time at all

  A7                         D7
  Hey girl I've been down so long
                       G7                   C7
  and why should it be wrong if I get to be high just thinking
     A7                 D7
  of you alone, oh you alone, you make up for the
  G7                C7
  bad times that I- knowing that
         F                           Bb7
  if you don't it won't be the same again
                       Eb7                         G#7
  I'll be down another friend. Let me say it once again
                   A7                D7
  Don't you let it go slip away like always
A7                     D7
  Don't slip away like always


  A7                D7             G7               C7
  Things have gotta move I've been too long in this groove
  A7              D7          G7      C7
  Hung up in this groove like always
  F                  Bb7    Eb7          G#7
  Things are gettin' better ever since I met her
  A7            D7       A7       D7
  Oh-oh, there she goes, mm, like always

Transcribed 2021-12-31 by T-rev
More tab available at

020033 Em7
353433 G7 or 323003
464544 G#7
x02020 A7
xx0212 D7
x32310 C7
131211 F7
x13131 Bb7
x6564x Eb7 or x68686
242222 F#m7
x24242 B7 or x21202
020100 E7

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