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"KING OF SUEDE" by Weird Al Yankovic
From his 1984 album "'Weird Al' Yankovic In 3-D"
Music by Gordon Sumner, Lyrics by Alfred Yankovic
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2 for original key

A(m)7sus4   Gno3   A(m)7sus4   Gno3

          Am         G           Am     G   Am  G  Am  G
There's a sale on our gabardine suits today
            F         G              F    G    Em   %   F   %
They're all thirty percent off from yesterday
There's Fortrel polyester, leather, wool, and tweed
Just a Visa or Mastercard is all you need

      CHORUS 1:
             C     G4/D          C/E   F
      We got every color, we got ev'ry shade
      We're located next door to Willy's Fun Arcade
      We got every fabric that was ever made
      But I'm known in this city as the King of Suede

We got portly and regular and extra-long
                                   (Is my size up there?)
We got tailors to fix it if it comes out wrong
We got all kinds of sweatshirts, you can take your pick
With the collars ripped off, like in that Flashdance flick

      CHORUS 2:
      Our prices are low, my staff is underpaid
      You can buy off the rack or have it custom-made
      And it's all guaranteed to never shrink or fade
     'Cause of my reputation as the King of Suede

If you need a tuxedo for your junior prom
We can get you the best one that's made in Taiwan
We got jackets with patches on the elbows too
And we'll sell 'em all factory-direct to you

      CHORUS 3:
      Well I never made it past the second grade
      It took all of my life for me to learn this trade
      But my friends are all thinking that I've got it made
     'Cause I'm known the world over as the King of Suede

G            F           G           F           G
   There's a two-for-one sale on our three-piece suits
   Check out our suede pajamas and our suede-covered boots
   You can try on our suede underwear if you choose
               F         G                F          Am
   Do what you want, but don't step on my blue suede shoes

         INSTRUMENTAL, verse chords
         (King of Suede)

            2ND BRIDGE, 8 bars: Gm7

Don't miss out on our giant liquidation sale
Look for our color catalog in next week's mail
There's a sale on our double-knit slacks today
It's the same old sale as yesterday

      CHORUS 3:
      Thirty years in the same location I have stayed
      There I am right next door to Willy's Fun Arcade
      I got tough competition, but I'm not afraid
     'Cause it's my destiny to be the King of Suede

      King of Suede, King of Suede, King of Suede
      I'll always be King of Suede

Transcribed 2021-10-21 by T-rev
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x0203x A(m)7sus4
3x003x Gno3
13x03x Fadd9,13
02x03x Em7
x32013 C
xx0013 Gsus4/D
0x2013 C/E
133211 F
350063 Gm7

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