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THIS TIME ISN'T ONE OF THEM by Vigilantes of Love
From "To the Roof of the Sky"
Written by Bill Mallonee © 1998 cybrenjojosh
Transcribed by T-rev

capo 3

INTRO:  C Csus C Csus C Csus Am  F x2

Am                   F                C       /B
  There's a time for listening to the thunder
Am                   F                 C     /B
  There's a time for cleansing all the sins
Am                            F            C     G
  But there's a time when I'm slowly going under
  F         G              C  /B  Am
  This time isn't one of them
  F         G              INTRO
  This time isn't one of them

There's a time when joy is so elusive
Out of your grasp and three sheets to the wind
There's a time when crying is conducive
But this time isn't one of them

Most of my life's been like a wedding
The moment where the bride and bridegroom kiss
Sometimes I can't believe all that I hope in
This moment feels like one of them

Four riders appear on the horizon
Systems and superstructures will explode
Peace will be a word for hypnotizing
This time isn't one of those

That holy life should count for something
Those blessed words ever be recalled
Remember well who has really loved you
To be loved is the best of all

x32010  C
x33010  Csus (hammer on and pull off from C)
x02210  Am
133211  F
x20010  Gsus/B
320003  G

Transcribed 3/29/2008 by T-rev
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