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KEEP ON GOIN' by shack
From the album "Gypsy Heart"
Lyrics and music © 2003 Derek A Shacklett (ASCAP)
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 3

        C         G          D       G
She was born in a ghost town way out west
        C               G             D     Dsus
'bout a million-billion miles from anywhere
          C        G        D      Em
She could find her way back home I guess
        C            D              G
But the truth is she doesn't really care

            D           C         G
    And the wind blows across the land
            D             C       G
    And the rivers keep on flowin'
            D                  C              G
    Just as long as stars keep shining on her head
                C        D       G
    She'll just keep on, Keep On Goin'

She was wild like the tangles up in her hair
That hadn't seen a brush or comb in years
She doesn't know where she's goin'
  she'll know when she gets there
All she knows is that it's far away from here


              G        D/F#     Em
        But I need her like the land needs rain
          G           D/F#     Em
        I love her in spite of all the pain
             G         D/F#         Em
        I'll search forever just to find a way
           Am                 D
        To love her enough to make her stay

But the road calls her name like a siren song
And if you asked her she couldn't tell you why
So far my love's not strong enough to make this her home
But all my life I'll always try


Transcribed 1/21/2020 by T-rev
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