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"Take Me Away" by Nathan and Charlie (performed solo by Charlie)
From "Don't Pass Us By"
Lyrics and Music by Charlie Hall
Copyright © 1994 Generation Productions
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2 in D (concert E)

  xx0x30    D2
  2xx03x    Dsus4/F#
  3xx03x    G
  x2x03x    G/B (hammer 5th string)

  xx0x30    D2
  2x0x20    Dmaj9/F#
  3x0x03    G

  2x0220    Dmaj9/F#
  2x0230    D2/F#
  3x0330    Gm,sus6

chorus (strumming)
  xx0232    D (hammer 1st string)
  3x0033    G
  022000    Em
  x02220    A (hammer 2nd string)

  xx0230    D2
  2xx030    D2sus4/F#
  3xx030    D2sus4/G
  xx0030    D2sus4

  x00232    D (hammer 1st string)

[intro] D2, Dsus4/F#, G, G/B

[verse 1] D2, Dmaj7/F#, G
Jesus I am Your bride and I will fly away with You
To places of life where I can dance with only You
And the worship I sing it brings such a sweet sweet fragrance to You
And when I lift my hands You understand that it's all that I can do

[bridge 1]
'Cause I can't utter a word
'Cause it would never describe You
The holiness, the sweetness
The altogether loveliness

Come take me away to you heart Lord
I long for You like thirsty land
I'm earnestly seeking Your heart Lord
'Cause You are the lamb who was slain for me
You are the man who died so I would be free

[verse 2]
Jesus I am Your child, let my eyes see the beauty of You
'Cause Your heart's like a sea that I'll be plunging deep into
And Jesus come like I know, overflow, Spirit consume every part
'Cause Your love overwhelms me, it captures me, yes Your love for me raptures my heart

[bridge 2]
'Cause I have a passion to know You
So I'll do what You will
Take not Thy presence from me
For I long to be filled by You

[repeat chorus]

[final chorus/outro]
Come take me away
I long for the day
When I'll see Your face

[outro] D2, /F#, G, D2
Come take me away
Jesus take me away
Lord take me away
Take me away

Transcribed 5/8/1998 by T-rev
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