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"NEVER MY LOVE" by The Association
From their 1967 album Insight Out
Written by Richard P. Addrisi and Donald J. Addrisi
Transcribed by T-rev

     C             G/B                Bb
        You ask me if there'll come a time
                    F        C
        When I grow tired of you
     Am           C   Fmaj7        C
        Never My Love    Never my love

        You wonder if this heart of mine
        Will lose its desire for you
        Never my love
        Never my love

E7                 Am              D
    What makes you think love will end?
             G            C            Fmaj7   F
    When you know that my whole life depends
       Em    G
    On you

        Never my love
        Never my love

        You say you fear I'll change my mind
        I won't require you
        Never my love
        Never my love

    How can you think love will end
    When I've asked you to spend your whole life
    With me?

        Never my love
        Never my love

Transcribed 2021-03-19 by T-rev
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x32010 C
320003 G
x13331 Bb
133211 F
x02210 Am
133110 Fmaj7
020100 E7
xx0232 D
022000 Em	

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