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"NEW KID IN TOWN" by The Eagles
From the 1976 album Hotel California
Written by Glenn Frey, Don Henley, J. D. Souther
Transcribed by T-rev
Capo 2nd fret.  Chords named relative to capo.

D                                             A
   There's talk on the street, it sounds so familiar
G             A                    D
   Great expectations, everybody's watching you
D                                    A
   People you meet, they all seem to know you
G            A                                 D             F#7
   Even your old friends treat you like you're something new

      Bm             E     Bm               E
         Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
      Bm           E         G                  A
         Everybody loves you, so don't let them down

   You look in her eyes, the music begins to play
   Hopeless romantics, here we go again
   But after awhile you're lookin' the other way
   It's those restless hearts that never mend

         Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
         Will she still love you when you're not around?

   A                                         D
      There's so many things you should have told her
   A                                          Bm
      But night after night you're willing to hold her
           E         Gm            C
      Just hold her, tears on your shoulder

F                                              C
   There's talk on the street, it's there to remind you
Bb                   C                        F
   It doesn't really matter which side you're on
F                                             C
   You're walking away, and they're talking behind you
             Bb                    C                   F     A7
   They will never forget you 'til somebody new comes along

      Dm                   G      Dm                     G
         Where you've been lately?  There's a new kid in town
      Dm           G        Gm                 A
         Everybody loves him, now he's holding her

                  D        F#m7  G  A
And you're still around
                     D     F#m7  G  A
There's a new kid in town
                        D  F#m7  G  Gm
Just another new kid in town

D                                  Bm
Ooh, everybody's talking 'bout the new kid in town
D                                 Bm
Ooh, everybody's walking like the new kid in town

          D                          Bm
There's a new kid in town, there's a new kid in town
                      (I don't wanna hear it)
                      (Everybody's talking)
                      (People started walking)

Transcribed 2018-08-28 by T-rev
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Key of D straight chords
xx0232 D
x02220 A
320003 G
242322 F#7
x24432 Bm
022100 E
355333 Gm
242222 F#m7

Key of D color
xx0230 D2
xx0222 Dmaj7
x02200 A2
x02000 A9
x02020 A7
320203 Gadd9

Key of F straight chords
133211 F
x32010 C
x13331 Bb
x02020 A7
x00231 Dm
320003 G
355333 Gm

Key of F color
133011 F2
133210 Fmaj7
x30010 C2
x30310 C9
x32310 C7
x13311 Bb2

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