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"Life With You" by shack
From the album "Gypsy Heart"
Lyrics and music © 2003 Derek A Shacklett (ASCAP)
Transcribed by T-rev

  G  sus    G       sus
I may have told you
I would always take out the trash
You might have gotten the notion
That would would never want for cash

D               Em
It's not that I misled you
         C          G      sus
That was never my intention
I know that I have let you down
In more ways than I could mention

G          D/F#             Em
Of all the things I've ever said
           D                C
Of all the dreams I've ever dreamt
                             Dsus D
I hope that more than one is true
Of all the promises I've made
Of all the plans I've ever laid
          D                  G sus G sus
I hope to spend my life with you

I know I don't deserve you
What a lucky man I am
So I thank my lucky stars at night
And just keep trying the best I can

To be a man who is worthy
Of the love I've felt in your touch
The world is good when you hold me
I want to always need you this much


Em  D/F#          G         sus
I'm sure it won't always be easy
I'm sure it'll be so hard sometimes
I promise that if you'll have me
     C                  D       sus   D
I'll take your hand and hold on tight


Transcribed 2/8/2004 by T-rev
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