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"OH VIRGINIA" by Blessid Union Of Souls
From their 1995 album Home
Written by Eliot Sloan, Jeff Pence & Emosia (Matt Senatore)
Transcribed by T-rev

In A with (2nd position) D major diatonic harmonica

        A     G     D     D4    A     G     D-----------
        A     G     D     D4    A     G     F     G

 A                         G
   Here's my chance to say   thank you to a place where
 A                     F           G              A
   All my memories are fond and an essence of my heart
(A)                             G                          A
   Waiting there with open arms   there's Melissa full of charm
(A)                         F               G
   How I miss her so, she's such a sight of love down in

        A     G     D                  D4
        Oh Virginia down the higway to 64
        A           G            F                    G
        East way to Newport News there you'll find an open door
           A     G     D                  D4
        In oh Virginia all my friends are there to greet me
        A                 G   F             G
        Just a smile down 64 along the open road

        A     G     A     D     A     G     D-----------

 A                     G
   At the Patton Hotel,  I spent lots of time there
 A                         F                G
   That's where we decided this is where we wanted to be
 A                             G
   & down the road on Jefferson  you'll find Steamer's close by
 A                               F               G
   If you see Mark & Steve Breen tell 'em Jeff & I both said hi

D                         D4
 But we were younger then,  never knowing then
D                          F                 C
 That she would take us as her own & make us part of her life
D                   D4
 Highway to the sun,  we had so much fun
D                          F               E             (A)
 I can't wait to get there tell 'em that I miss my second home

        A     G     D     D4    A     G     F     G
        Oh Virginia

        Oh Virginia down the way we'll be there in no time
        Oh Virginia just a ride down 64
        Oh Virginia I can see those signs from here
        Oh Virginia 25 miles to Hampton Roads

        A     G     D     D4    A     G     F     G
        Oh Virginia

       A                  G       D                  D4
We got friends in Yorktown we got friends in Williamsburg
    A                  G     F                 G
Got friends in Newport News, all of y'all from Portsmouth sing
       A                   G       D                  D4
We got friends in Bluefield we got friends in Richmond
       A                  G
We got friends in Hampton Roads
    F                        G
And down by the beach let me hear everybody yeah

Transcribed 2023-09-30 by T-rev
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x02220 A
3x0033 G
xx0232 D
xx0233 Dsus4
133211 F
x32010 C
022100 E

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