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This file is part of a collection that (moreso than the rest of the site) are not meant to be detailed or accurate transcriptions of the original recordings. They're just some simple chord charts that I made for my own use, some of them my own arrangements.
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"TEN CENT WINGS" by Jonatha Brooke
Title track from 1997 album
Written by Jonatha Brooke
Transcribed by T-rev

        F11/C     C7     F11/C     C7

        VERSE 1
             F11/C           C7
        If I knew what I was after
              F11/C            C7
        I'd remember where I'd been
                 Eb                F7
        If I was sure of something better
            C7      Gadd2
        I'd go, I'd go

        VERSE 2
        But I am just another picture
        And I watch myself like you
        I imagine what you're thinking
        I know, I know

Db       Bb     Db        Bb
Ten cent wings, I'll take two
Bbm            Fm               Eb             Ab
Pin them to my sweater and I'll sail above the blue
Db       Bb     Db        Bb
Ten cent wings, tried and true
Bbm           Fm              Eb             Ab  Gb  Aadd2
Orbiting like satellites I'll sail away with you

        VERSE 3
        I will love across the borders
        I will wait until it's dark
        And I will fly and you'll be with me
        My wings, your heart

        VERSE 4
        Then our memory may fail us
        And our language will go too
        But the shooting stars will catch our
        Celestial view


        Ab          F7   Ab         F7
    But I'll never tell, I'll never say
    Fm         Cm      Bbsus2
    I'll never be that brave

Transcribed 2023-03-28 by T-rev
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        x31311 F11/C
        x3x310 C7
        x6888x Eb
        x8T8xx F7 (T = tenth fret)
        3x020x Gadd2

x4666x Db
68876x Bb
68866x Bbm
x8TT9x Fm
46654x Ab
24432x Gb
57760x Aadd2

    46654x Ab
    131211 F7
    133111 Fm
    x35543 Cm
    x13311 Bbsus2

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