Enter The Worship Circle

This page is primarily a guitar resource for the songs from Enter The Worship Circle, a project that is the result of a collaboration between the husband-wife duo known as 100 Portraits and the rock-folk band called Waterdeep. The album consists of original songs written by the artists and performed on all acoustic instruments in a live studio environment.

EWC is more than just a praise CD, it is an effort to help others enhance their use of music in worship. To this end, the liner notes contain not only lyrics from the album, but also hints and suggestions for composing new worships songs. Also, chord charts for most of the songs were made available on the web by 100 Portraits.

All but two of the tabs on this page are based on those chord charts straight from the source. The main point is that here they have been "adapted" from the original PDF format to plain text files. Additionally, five of the songs have been "corrected" in minor ways to match the versions on the CD. Finally, there are chord charts available here for the two songs that were not originally provided by 100 Portraits.

  1. Today  MP3 clip
  2. I Will Not Forget You  MP3 clip
  3. You Are So Good To Me
  4. You Have Redeemed My Soul
  5. Tender Mercy
  6. Whatever Thing
  7. Those Who Trust  MP3 clip
  8. I Could Run Away  MP3 clip
  9. Though I Feel Alone
  10. Land of the Living
  11. Put in Me
  12. Since I am So Sick
  13. Improv
  14. Save Me
  15. Come Fall on Us
  16. Psalm 18 (hidden track)

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