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"Tender Mercy" (Psalm 103) by 100 Portraits and Waterdeep
From the album "Enter the Worship Circle"
Written by Ben and Robin Pasley
Copyright © 1999 Blue Renaissance Music (SESAC)
Adapted/corrected by T-rev

3X0033 Gno3
X20033 G/B
X32033 Cadd9
X30033 C2
X00232 D
022000 Em
X32003 Cmaj7
320003 G

Gno3         G/B         Cadd9           C2
  Praise the Lord, Oh my soul And all my deepest parts
Gno3    G/B          Cadd9              C2     Gno3  D  Em  Cmaj7
  Give praise to the One Who pulled you out of darkness

G             Cmaj7            G               Cmaj7
  Tender mercy, You forgive me, Slow to anger, Quick to love

  As high as the mountains try
  Your love falls all around me
  As wide as the east to west
  My sins are taken from me

Adapted/corrected 9/19/1999 by T-rev
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