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This transcription is not my own work; it is simply a text file version of the .pdf (Adobe Acrobat "Portable Document Format") chord chart provided on the web by 100 Portraits.


"I Will Not Forget You" (Psalm 50) by 100 Portraits and Waterdeep
From the album "Enter the Worship Circle"
Written by Ben and Robin Pasley
Copyright © 1999 Blue Renaissance Music (SESAC)
Adapted by T-rev

3X0033 Gno3  (to 3X0233 Gadd9 in verse)
XX0032 D     (to XX0232)
022000 Em    (to 022200 Esus4)
X30033 Cadd9 (to X32033)
2X0033 G/F#
022033 Em7

Gno3              D            Em                      Cadd9
  Many men will drink the rain and turn to thank the clouds
Gno3              D                          Em            Cadd9
  Many men will hear You speak but they will never turn around

Gno3                   G/F#
  I will not forget You... are my God, my King
Em7                           Cadd9
  And with a thankful heart I... bring my offering
Gno3                 G/F#
  And my sacrifice is... not what You can give
Em7                    Cadd9
  But what I alone can... give to you

Gno3                    G/F#
  A grateful heart I give, A thankful prayer I pray,
Em7                 Cadd9
  A wild dance I dance before you
Gno3               G/F#
  A loud song I sing, A huge bell I ring,
Em7                    Cadd9
  A life of praise I live before You

Gno3             D             Em                      Cadd9
  Many men will pour their gold and serve a thing that shines
Gno3              D                           Em                 Cadd9
  Many men will read your words but they will never change their minds

Adapted from .pdf format 9/19/1999 by T-rev
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