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Chord fingerings used on Enter the Worship Circle

X02220 A
X42220 A/C#
X02200 A2
577600 A2
977900 A2/C#
X02210 Am
X02213 Am7
X02010 Am7
575585 Am7
X02233 A7sus4

X24442 B
X24400 Bsus4
799800 Bsus4
X21202 B7
7978T7 B7 (T=tenth fret)

X32010 C
X35553 C
X32033 Cadd9
X30033 C2
X32003 Cmaj7

X46654 C#m
X46650 C#m
X46600 C#m7

XX0232 D
X00232 D
X00233 Dsus4
2X0232 D/F#
2X0230 D2/F#
X54057 D6

022100 E
020100 E7
422100 E/G#
422400 E/G#
022200 Esus
022000 Em
022030 Em7
022033 Em7
022032 Em9
X7978T Em7 (T=tenth fret)

XX3211 F
X03210 Fmaj7 (to X03010)

244222 F#m

320033 G
320003 G
355433 G
3X0033 Gno3
320005 Gadd9
X20033 G/B
X20003 G/B
2X0033 G/F#
355633 G,b5

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