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"How Do I Say Goodnight" by Mark Williams
From "Journals of a Recovering Skeptic"
Words and music by Mark Williams
Copyright © 1997 Mark Williams, Bruised Reed Vol. 2 (BMI)
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2 plus (partial) 2345-capo 6.  Normal capo 6 will work, just don't play the "O" open
strings.  The only real difference is Gsus becomes just G, or you could do it 32001x.

x32013  C     (hammer 0h2 4th string)
xx3213  Fsus  (hammer 0h2 3rd string)

x3201O  C     (hammer 0h2 4th string)
x2001O  Gsus/B
10301O  Fsus  (hammer 0h2 3rd string at end of verse)

10301O  Fsus
32003O  Gsus
x0221O  Am
10321O  F
O3201O  C
32003O  Gsus
10321O  F
32003O  Gsus

Transcribed 5/5/2000 by T-rev
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