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"Prodigal Me" by Shane Barnard
From "The Awakening Compilation, Vol. 2" and "Rocks Won't Cry"
Words and music by Shane Barnard
Copyright © 1998 Shane Barnard
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo "Drop-D".  In other words, in order to add the low bass note,
put your Kyser capo up-side-down on the second fret, covering only
five strings.  I still give chord names relative to the capo, since
that's how you're playing, in practical terms.

(note: ok obviously this tab is really rough and not finished, but
i want to mention that since starting this tab, i tried playing this
with my 3-4-5 partial capo--see the Hint on my tab page--and i like it
a lot better that way.  of course, to do that you have to have a partial

Chord  -  Name
E00775    D ("E" denotes the low bass note that is not capoed.)
E00655    A/D
E20032    Gmaj7/D (add the 1st string 3rd fret often)
E02230    Asus4/D
X24432    Bm

Transcribed 10/24/1998 by T-rev
More tab available at


What have I done
To get me here
Unraveled and undone
I need my father
What have I done
I've followed my feet to nowhere
Now I'm here
As I ran I can run no more
Prodigal me

The mountains to the west
I hear them laugh at me
They know I'm scared to cross
And leave this life I lead
Oh my pride
I give you up
A barter for my freedom
What will they think
As I come stumbling down to join their lives

I need to cross this mountain
And find my way home
I seek no greater fortune
Rescue me
Oh unmerciful divide
Be merciful tonight
Oh show me the other side
Prodigal me

The mountains to the east
They've swallowed up my beloved
This house completely incomplete
Where is my mortar
Where did he go
He followed his feet to nowhere
Please come home
You've done me no wrong

Each evening I look down that road
And I hope and I wait for you
And my servants they look down that road
And we watch and we pray for you
Master Master
Who's that man stumbling down our road
Could it be the one, could it be the one
Could it be, could it be
Master Master it's your son
Coming home to join our lives

I'm looking down this mountain
I see my way home
There is no greater fortune
I believe
Oh unmerciful divide
You laugh at me no more
Oh I've reached the other side
Prodigal me

Could I be the one, could I be the one
Could I be, could I be
Father Father we're your sons
Coming home to join your life

We've finally crossed this mountain
And found our way home
We seek no great fortune
Than Jesus
Oh how merciful is our God
Who gave His only Son
Oh we worship You tonight
Prodigal me

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