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"Surface Of Things" by Hughes and Wagner
From "Lady of Cicero"
Written by Jon Hughes and Tad Wagner
Copyright © 1997 Melancholy Dane Music (ASCAP)
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 4 in C (also capo 2 in D)

103013  F
x32013  C
320003  G
x02013  Am
200230  D
022000  Em
103010  F7
x00231  Dm

F  F  C  C  F  F  C  G

C           G              Am          F
If I were a farmer and the earth moved beneath my skin
C        G       Am    F
The dark soil my blood
    C                G         Am          F
The land would be my mother my life and my lover
C           G             Am   D
And I would live a simple life
         F               G           Em                Am          (/G)      D
With the changing of the seasons the wind the rain the moon and the sunshine
F7                        G    C
These things would be the only real things

If I were a poet and I could feel the beating drum
Just behind the material world
I'd give word to mystery and name the things in every heart
And I would live a pensive life
Power in every word
I'd lose myself in every line
These things would be the only real things

    F              C
But I see only the surface of things
F                C   G
Every thought cliche
   Dm                (/E)     F
If only I could find just one real thing
        F7               G    C
But the searching is the only real thing

If I were a prophet and I could speak the words of God
My mouth touched with fire
I'd pray for mercy and pray God would hold his hand
And I would live a holy life
I'd cry for the whole world
And wrestle with God every night
These things would be the only real things

I'm searching for the only real thing

Transcribed 5/22/2000 by T-rev
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