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"Do I Dare" by David Wilcox
From "Nightshift Watchman"
Words and music by David Wilcox
Copyright © 1987 Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music (BMI)
Transcribed by T-rev

tune dadgad capo 4 OR in standard tuning full capo 2, 345-partial-capo 4

there are some other hammers, slides, a few extra notes, etc., but this is the
basic song. it's fingerstyle in 8/8.  i don't think i'll tab it out, i'll just
give the standard advice to "just listen to the record" for the picking pattern.

dadgad  partial
5x0000  3x00OO  G
220000  c200OO  Em (c=same fret as partial capo)
x32000  x320OO  C
004000  O040OO  D (slide up from C)

      G                             Em
 Do I dare believe and let love lead my life
         C                              D
 Could I not believe and leave that love behind

Em                   D
   You ask me if I'm faithful
Em                   D
   You ask me if I'm true
Em                 D
   I answer with a question
C                            D
  'Cause it's all that I can do

   I don't have all the answers
   I can't explain it all
   I'm not sure where I'm going
   But I think I hear a call

Transcribed 9/29/2000 by T-rev
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