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This file is part of a collection that (moreso than the rest of the site) are not meant to be detailed or accurate transcriptions of the original recordings. They're just some simple chord charts that I made for my own use, some of them my own arrangements.
- T-rev

"WISH YOU WERE HERE" by Pink Floyd
Title track from 1975 album
Written by David Gilmour and Roger Waters
Transcribed by T-rev

Em7      G/D
Em7      A11

G                    C                                 C
                                   Did they get you to trade
                     D                             D
So you think you can tell          Your heroes for ghosts
            Am                                   Am
Heaven from hell                   Hot ashes for trees
                G                                G
Blue skies from pain               Hot air for a cool breeze
                     D                              D
Can you tell a green field         Cold comfort for change
                  C                          C
From a cold steel rail             Did you exchange
               Am                                        Am
A smile from a veil                A walk on part in the war
                     G                                  G
Do you think you can tell          For a lead role in a cage

      C                                 D
        How I wish, how I wish you were here
        We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl
        Year after year
        Running over the same old ground
      C                               Am
        And how we found the same old fears
        Wish you were here

Transcribed 2020-06-27 by T-rev
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xx2033 Em7
xx0033 G/D
x01033 A11
320033 G
332010 C/G
x00232 D/A
x02210 Am

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