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This file is part of a collection that (moreso than the rest of the site) are not meant to be detailed or accurate transcriptions of the original recordings. They're just some simple chord charts that I made for my own use, some of them my own arrangements.
- T-rev

"COMES A TIME" by Neil Young
From his 1978 album Comes a Time
Written by Neil Young
Transcribed by T-rev
Harmonica is G major diatonic

  G         Bm        D         Am   C

    G           Bm
    Comes a time   when you're driftin'
  D                       Am         C
    Comes a time when you settle down
    Comes a light, feelin's liftin'
    Lift that baby right up off the ground

G   F         C          G
Oh, this old world keeps spinning 'round
       F           C           G
It's a wonder tall trees ain't layin' down
              Dm9   G/D
There comes a time

    You and I, we were captured
    We took our souls and we flew away
    We were right, we were giving
    That's how we kept what we gave away

Transcribed 2018-07-13 by T-rev
More tab available at

320003 G
x24432 Bm
xx0232 D
x02210 Am
x32010 C
xx3211 F
xx0560 Dm9
xx0787 G/D

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