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"Tyler Talks Back" by Allen Levi
From "Talking With Tyler" and "The Awakening Compilation"
Words and music by Allen Levi
Copyright © 1996 Allen Levi
Transcribed by T-rev


Capo 2 on a standard-tuned six-string acoustic.


Count 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 .
      A.....Amaj7.....F#m ..D........ .............. .............


   Chord  -  Name
   X02220    A
   X02100    Amaj7,9
   242222    F#m7
   X00230    D
   020130    E7
   042222    F#m7/E
   022100    E
   22444X    B
   X02020    A7


intro   A, Amaj7, F#m7, D
verse   A, D, E7, A
bridge  F#m, /E, D, E.....F#m, /E, D...B, D
outro   F#m, /E, D, E.....A7


Transcribed 7/9/1998 by T-rev
More tab available at


(This is Tyler's argument; I think it's a pretty good one:)

He said "All God's creatures got a bit of pain
Mine today is just a bit of rain
But still I say from my point of view
I would rather be a dog than a dude like you, yeah"

(That's what he said.)

"'Cause I can sleep all day, nobody bother me
I get my meals absolutely free
No boss-man tells me what I got to do
I would rather be a dog than a dude like you...
'Cause your life is rough...ruff, ruff"

Oh, na, na, nananana, yeah, mmm

He said, "I never ever had to take a spelling test
I never got hassled by the IRS
From what I've seen your life's a zoo
I would rather be a mutt than a man like you
Yes I would."

He said, "You work each day from eight to five
And you wait for Friday to arrive
You geniuses have got it wrong
My weekend lasts the whole week long
'Cause I'm a dog, dog
Mmm, do, do...mmm...

"I don't ever have to fuss with suits and ties
I've got no mortgage to amortize
I have no fear that I might get sued
I would rather be a dog than a dude, a dude, a dude
Zippity doo dah

"So don't you pity me when you go inside
My sun will shine and I'll get dried
This cold, dark day I will weather through
And I'll be happy I'm a dog and not a dude like you...

"On a scale of one to ten
Dogs do better than working men
What's the occasional alley cat
Compared to all of those Democrats
They take all your money, every dime."

(It's his song)

"I bet the president would like to be a dog sometimes, uh huh"

(That's what he says.  You realize, of course, that this is a song about
envy, and this is the moral of the story, which I'm glad that Tyler

"You are you, I am me in God's big plan
One's a dog and one's a man
I guess the thing for us to do

I'll be glad I'm me, and mister master you be glad
I'll be glad I'm me, and mister master you be glad you're you
But I would rather be a dog, a dog
I'd rather be a dog than a dude like
Than a dude like you, woh!"

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