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"All" by Ed Cash, from "Where Were You?"
Written by Ed Cash, copyright © 1997 Ed Cash (BMI)
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 3.  The little lick during the audience participation chorus
is basically just an A followed by a hammered-on E.

022100  E
244200  F#m
x24400  B4 (Bx = mute and rest)
022130  E7
x02200  A2
x46600  C#m
x3424x  Cdim7

|E    .   |F#  B4   | (3x)
|E    .   |F#   .   |

Bx              E                    A
  A lifetime of love, of dedicated devotion
                  F#m      B                  E      Bx
  Always thinking of others, bigger than any emotion
              E                          A
  Hotter than fire and cooler than fresh snow
                  F#m              B                           E     E7
  Brighter than a sunshiny day and stronger than the wind that blows

        A             B
  He is all I could desire
        E             C#m
  He is all I'll ever need
        F#m                     B
  He is all it took to make the mountains
        E                   E7
  He is all it took to make you and me
        A              B
  He is all there ever was
        Cdim                C#m
  He is all there will ever be
        F#m                B
  He is all my heart could hope for
        F#m    B         E
  He is always there for me

  More powerful than feelings, the answer to fear
  The source of all healings, full of joy and cheer
  Louder than thunder, softer than a baby's breath
  Did you ever wonder how he conquered death

Transcribed 4/11/2001 by T-rev
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