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"Unwind" by Don Chaffer
From the album "You Were At The Time For Love"
Written by Don Chaffer on 3/24/94 at 1:08
Copyright © 1994 Donald W. Chaffer
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 7.

Chord  -  Name
XX0232    D
X30030    C2
X20030    G6/B
X32030    Cadd9
320033    G
X32010    C
242322    F#7
200230    D2/F#
020130    E7

D, C2, G6/B, Cadd9 (hammer-on 4th and 5th strings)

D, G, C, G
D, F#7
G, D2/F#, E7
G, D

G6/B, D
G6/B, D
C2, G6/B, C2, G6/B
C2, G6/B, D
C2, G6/B, D

D, G, D, G, D, G...

Transcribed 9/16/1998 by T-rev
More tab available at


Okay, here, You got my ear.
I found my way outta town.
I'm finally just sittin' down.

Grinding gears and iron tears
They've kept my mind occupied.
Didn't notice that I almost died.

Lately I been lost
God, I been turned around
I've gotten so tangled up.
I need some help just to get unwound.

I had a dream on a bed of steam
That I got into a number of fights
over a garden of earthly delights.

And Silver Sue and the camera crew.
They been talkin' bout my name in lights.
It's been a forty long days and nights.

And Diamond Joe. He's a gigolo.
And I been tryin' to get through to him
About the ocean that he's tryin' to swim

How it's a real big that he could rely
on some mystic saltwater seals
to hear his last breath's appeals
(And save him when it's time.)

I been awful close to the fire
Tryin' to get some folks to look up higher
Cause there ain't much time
Before the Earth Goodbye
The lightning flash one time
And it splits the sky
And the ones He's known
They're headed home.

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