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"Take Me" by Don Chaffer
From the album "You Were At The Time For Love"
Written by Don Chaffer on 10/3/92 at 3:53
Copyright © 1994 Donald W. Chaffer
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2.

 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
 D.............................. G/D............................

Chord  -  Name
XX0230    D2
XX0433    G/D
X2443X    Bm
X0222X    A
320003    G
2X023X    D/F#
X02X2X    A (pull off 2nd string 3rd fret)

D2, G/D

Bm, A, G
Bm, A, G
Bm, A, G
D/F#, G, D/F#, G
D/F#, A7, D2

Transcribed 9/16/1998 by T-rev
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"Old ain't a word that I'm fond of," he said
"And these days I've begun to lose count"
Mumbling she rolls in her wheelchair and says
"I'm afraid that they've closed my account"

There's a blur that occurs in the line of their life
That decays the whole notion of sense
And they call to the past, insisting that it last
While they're climbing down reality's fence

Take me
Take me
Write my name in the Most Holy Tome
And when it's my time
To assume the sublime
Take me to my promised home

And their hands aren't gnarled, they're in love with the earth
And they're dying to go there again
We say the essence of life is strong in our youth
Slowly buried under wrinkles of skin

But there's God in the way that life comes to an end
In the way that it draws to a close
In the saying of soul to the house of the skin
You're too weak now to really oppose

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