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"Such A Shallow Pool" by Don Chaffer
From the album "You Were At The Time For Love"
Written by Don Chaffer on 6/26/94 at 17:38
Copyright © 1994 Donald W. Chaffer
Transcribed by T-rev

Standard-tuned six-string acoustic.  Strummed in 3/4 time.

Chord  -  Name
320003    G (hammer-on 3X2013 and pull-off)
          (pending tab, X0XXXXhammerX2XXXX XX0XXX)
X32010    C (hammer-on X30210)
XX0232    D (pull-off from Dsus4 XX0233)
133211    F
X21202    B7 (hammer 4th string)
022030    Em7
X32030    Cadd9 (pull-off to C X32010)

          Cadd9 (pull-off to Cmaj7 X32000)
022000    Em
032000    Cmaj7/E

("fall alone")

Transcribed 9/11/1998 by T-rev
More tab available at


Do I have enough compassion
Or have I sold out my love for the keeping of rules
Am I so much in fashion
That I forgot I was born to a family of fools

So God hold me out of that water
'Cause it's such a shallow pool
The fall just might kill me

She was so pretty when she just walked by
Lord it me feel lonely
Oh God, it just made me sigh

And when you'd rather wait
I'd rather fly
But I'm just now learning to walk
Oh my, my...

[repeat chorus]

Selah, selah

And a lot of my friends seem to be
Running around on the same fallow ground
Or is that me?

They don't know
'Cause I don't show much at all
When I fall alone

[repeat chorus]

So take my face in your hands
And tell me you love me
Tell me you love me

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