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"Not Enough Time" by Waterdeep
From the album "Sink Or Swim"
Written by Lori Chaffer 1994
Copyright © 1997 Hey Ruth Music
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2 standard-tuned six-string acoustic.

[intro]  G, F, Em, A, C, D, C, D

[verse 1]  G, F, Em, A, C, D, C, D

[chorus]  G, Bm, Em, C (and G, D, G before verse 2)

[verses 2 and 3]  Em, G, D, Em, Em, G, D, C, Em, G, D, C

[bridge] G, D, G, C, Em, D, G

Transcribed 4/12/1998 by T-rev
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[verse 1]
my father told me never to fear
all of the darkness that i see down here
He said not to worry you'll be okay
just don't become a part of the deadly game

and if you're troubled by all the hate
don't look aside stare it in the face
and you can love them like you should
love all the people that have so misunderstood

don't wait for the night to fall in on you
there's not enough time

[verse 2]
your simple pleas are not enough
to keep the rain from pouring
the mindless stone
you're clinging to
will turn into a boulder
it barely rests above your head
so soon it will be falling

[chorus 2x]


[verse 3]
the piece of gold you bow down to
can never calm your anger
millions of charms that "detour harm"
can't make your joy forever
the stars just fall down from the sky
no wish you make will be granted

[chorus 2x]


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