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"My God Has Come To Save Me" by Waterdeep
From "You Are So Good To Me"
Written by Lori Chaffer
Copyright © 2001 Hey Ruth Music
Transcribed by T-rev

B    A E    A B    A E

B             A   E                   A   B
   On the day God saved us the people all sang
                     A  E
   Praise the Father of heaven
                A    G#m
   He was angry with me
   Now He comforts me, oh how he comforts me

E             G#m     A
   My God has come to save me
E         G#m           F#m     A
   I will trust Him and not be afraid
E             G#m     A
   My God has come to save me
E        G#m         B   A  E
   He is my strength and my song

A B              A        E                  A     B
   We will drink from the fountain where salvation springs
                  A    E               A   B
   All the people will shout praise to our King
                    A  E                   A  B
   Tell the nations about it and help them to see
                   A  E                        A
   He is the maker of heaven, He's over everything
G#m                 A
   He's over everything, My God loves everything

B   X24442
A   X02220
E   022100
G#m 466444
F#m 244222

Transcribed 1/29/2002 by T-rev
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