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"Lonely Sometimes" by Waterdeep
From the album "Sink Or Swim"
Written by Don Chaffer on 4/11/92 at 11:15
Copyright © 1997 Hey Ruth Music
Transcribed by T-rev

Guitar 1: capo 3 standard-tuned    | Guitar 2: open standard-tuned six-
six-string acoustic.               | string acoustic.
Chord  -  Name                     | Chord  -  Name
022100    E                        | 320003    G
X02200    A2                       | X32013    C
202200    F#m11                    | X02210    Am
X24440    Badd4                    | XX0232    D

  i woke up from a strange rain
A                         E   A
  and it was dreaming outside
E                  A         E    A
  i rolled over for the telephone
  i thought i'd call someone
A                           E    A
  tell them i dreamed i had died
E                      A      E   A
  but i know that i was all alone

               E           A
    i just get lonely sometimes
           E                       A
    i want someone to take away my grief
    (i just get lonely sometimes)  i want to wake up in the morning with someone
    A                         E              A
    lying next to me who i can turn to for relief
               E           A
    i just get lonely sometimes
          E   A            E   A  E  A
    but i know i just need You

E                                   A
  i probably slept in a bed of bitterness
                            E    A
  that's why i woke up this way
E                                A         E    A
  that's probably why i'm in this lonesome hole
E                                A
  i probably got to needing everything
                 E     A
  and needing it today
E                                A       E    A
  that's probably why i play this lonely role

Fm   E       A   B
Oh------, oh---------

Transcribed 4/12/1998 by T-rev
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