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"Leave Me Alone" by Don Chaffer
From his album "What You Don't Know"
Copyright © 2002 Hey Ruth Music (BMI)
Transcribed by T-rev

Tune DGDGAD, capo 2.  Chord fingerings listed are relative
to capo. Chord names are actual.

Warning: guitar strings are more likely to break sooner if
you change tunings.

 [0e0e00] (e=eleventh fret)
   (repeat above)
 [0t0t00] (t=twelfth)
 [0f0f00] (f=fourteenth)

__202000  F#m11
__760000  B11
   (repeat above)
  070700  Eno3
__540000  A2
  760000  B11
   (repeat all)

__540000  A2
  760000  B11
   (repeat all)

Transcribed 6/30/2003 by T-rev
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