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"I Am In My Being Here With You" by Don Chaffer
From "Dogpaddle"
Written by Don Chaffer on 12-29-93
Copyright © 1999 HeyRuth Music (ASCAP)
Transcribed by T-rev

INTRO:  |D   G  |D   G  |D   .  |   G-lick: D|-0h2p0-------0-|

        D                    G                   Asus      A            D
 Oh the deepest ties are the hardest to understand but the warmest to embrace
 And today I am assured of this at the seeing of your face
 In giving up myself to you I'm becoming more complete
 /C#          Bm                G                 A7sus   A7       D
 Darling we're in the face of a mystery but we're drawing from its heat

          G               A               Bm      /A      G
 And I'll swallow all the problems I will swallow all the pains
 I'll drink this life together down to the blood inside my veins
      G               F#7              Bm      /A      Em7
 I'll swallow all the pleasures I will swallow all the smiles
      G                              D/F#                               Em9  A7sus A7
 I'll drink the life I have with you down through years and through the miles
   G                        D/F#
 A song is in its singing a gift is in its bringing
     Em7        Asus            G  D                    G  D
 And I am in my being here with you, my being here with you

 I've seen in you an ocean front I've seen in you the skies
 And sometimes when I'm suffering I find comfort in your eyes
 When the whole world starts to shaking up right underneath my feet
     /C#          Bm                         G                 A7sus   A7       G    D
 I remember darling we're in the middle of a mystery but we're drawing from its heat


/C#  B13           Aadd9                      Gadd9  Aadd9
 And I love you so much it sometimes makes me weep
       B13          Aadd9           Gadd9      Aadd9
 It's so simple to say but it runs so deep so very deep


xx0232  D
320033  G
x02230  Asus
x02220  A
x42220  (A)/C#
x24432  Bm
x02030  A7sus
x02020  A7
x04432  (Bm7)/A
242322  F#7
022030  Em7
022032  Em9
200232  D/F#
79E000  B13      (E=11th fret)
577600  Aadd9
3x0005  Gadd9

Transcribed 1/18/2001 by T-rev
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