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"Hardened" by Waterdeep
From the album "To Chase Away the Birds"
Written by Donald Chaffer on 8/26/94 at 18:59 (on the road from K.C. to Dodge City)
Copyright © 1994 Donald W. Chaffer
Transcribed by T-rev

In C, no capo (there's a secondary guitar capo 5 in G)
In a moderately slow 6/8

X32013  C
X2X013  /B
X0X013  Am7
3XX013  /G
103211  F (hammer 3rd string)
320033  G (hammer 5th string)

X32010  C      (the C, Fmaj7, C, Fmaj7 is used)
103210  Fmaj7  (to fill most of the transitions)

X32010  C
103210  Fmaj7
X2X010  /B
X02010  Am7
XX0211  Dm7 (hammer 3rd string)
320033  G (or G7)

320033  G
103211  F
X32010  C
X2X010  /B
X02210  Am
X02020  A7
XX0211  Dm7 (hammer 3rd string)
320033  G

X32013  C   (here's the one transition)
X2X013  /B  (not filled by C, Fmaj7)

Transcribed 1/6/1999 by T-rev
More tab available at


There's a little child drowning in a pond
And you would have me throw a blanket on
the surface of the water
even though she was your daughter
and notice just how helplessly she dies
for the sake of how it looks
cause it's like you read in books.
It's a symbol of the way you see this life.

And if a saviour came upon a tray of gold
You'd insist that he had already been sold,
even though you knew he hadn't.
You're afraid to trade the bad in
for a good who you don't know.
Like a certain generation
in a proud and headstrong nation
who expects God to dance when she plays the fife.

And if you want to talk in terms of survival of the fittest.
Then look at the soul's auction house,
and whose the highest bid is.
You understand the fear of man,
but you forgot about the fear of God.
And to the bloody ransom
that makes an ugly soul turn handsome,
you give a condescending nod.

There's a sense of desparation in your touch.
And you'll say out loud you hate it very much.
But you're addicted to your sadness.
It creates the touch of madness
the kind you like inside your veins
Oh, why are you so hardened?
You know you could be pardoned.
I guess you just won't let go of the reins.

The lexicon of death is all you know.
You feel suffocated in the falling of the snow.
You miss the beauty there
in the quiet holy air,
start looking for a desert you can roam.
Your eyes too closed to see
the secret ministry
of the frost upon the window of your home.
Oh, why are you so hardened?
You know you could be pardoned,
and then you wouldn't feel so alone.

You're not alone.

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