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"Gloom Higherway" by Don Chaffer
From the album "You Were At The Time For Love"
Written by Don Chaffer on 10/3/92 at 3:53
Copyright © 1994 Donald W. Chaffer
Transcribed by T-rev

Open (no-capo, clean, etc.) standard-tuned six-string acoustic, in the
key of G major, in 4/4 time.

Chord  -  Name
X32010    C  (* = add X32030 or X32013)
320003    G
X02020    A7
x35543    Cm

C       G       C       G
A7      C*      G   Cm  G

G       C       G       C
G       C       Cm      G

Transcribed 8/27/1999 by T-rev
More tab available at

I feel the need to delve into the mystery
to say some things you might not understand
To swim a league in the sorrow of this place
And be sustained by unseen hands

I feel the need to sing a song
that wrestles with the divine notion
that blood atones, that death completes
that joy can supercede emotion

Because the wilderness will be glad
and the desert will rejoice and bloom
and the ransomed of the Lord will walk upon the road
that found foundations in the wasteland of gloom

The moon makes some kind of sense tonight
to the questions I can't speak in words
And my spirit waits on the wind to come and say
Come now and clearly see what once was blurred

Cause You speak in ways I can't explain
You call us in names we can't repeat
And you craft the cold to counter that
which we desire but burns us with its heat

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