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"Galeana" by Lori (Coscia) Chaffer
From "Old Stuff" (originally from "Afraid of the Dark")
Copyright © 1998 Hey Ruth Music (BMI)
Transcribed by T-rev

In D, finger-picked.

Chord  -  Name
0x0033    Em7
2x023x    D/F#
3x0033    G
x2443x    Bm
x0222x    A
2x432x    F#
0x200x    Em
xx0232    D
2x422x    F#

Em7, D/F#, G

G, Em7, A, Bm, A       the backdrop of mountains
G, F#, Bm, F#, Bm, A   they're there to protect
G, Em7, A, Bm, A       a quiet village
G, Em, D, G, D, G      thin strips the farmland

A, Bm, F#m, G          and in the night
A, Bm, F#m, G, A       the wind brings dust

D, G, A, Em (F#)       hold your dirty hand
G, Bm, (A), G, Bm, A   awkward smile i make
D, G, A, Em (F#)       and your simple smiles
G, D, G, D             that you have all you need
G, /F#, Em7

Transcribed 6/22/1999 by T-rev
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The backdrop of mountains cuts into the sky
They're there to protect or entrap the ones inside
A quiet village is full of tired brows
Thin strips of farmland fight it out with the farmers
In the night the roosters crow with hunger
The wind brings dust instead of rain brought with thunder

And as I hold your dirty hand all that I can say to you
Is in the awkward smile I make
I can't explain why I came to this distant land
Your simple smiles refresh my soul and
I can't help but love you and know
That you have all you need

When I would get lonely and I'd feel like a foreigner
I'd look up to the sky and see it's just the same but brighter
Two eagles fly free but their patterns are not the same
One is weaker, but its spirit soars higher
What one yearns for it never seems to reach
The other has learned to separate its wants from needs

[repeat] CHORUS

As I look into your face I see hope and not disgrace
And strength that carries you along the rugged road you travel on
And as we go our separate ways you can be sure that I have changed
Because I've seen the way you live

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