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This transcription is not my own work; it's from sco's old fansite.


"Something's Got to Go"
From the album "You Were At the Time For Love"
by Don Chaffer (1 Feb 93 1:49a)
Copyrighted -- 1994 Donald W.Chaffer

transcribed by Jonathan Kuhfuss <>

standard tuned six-string acoustic.
no capo.

9(11)(11)999  -  C#m  |  9(11)(11)XXX -  C#5
577555  -  Am   |  577XXX  -  A5
244222  -  F#m  |  244XXX  -  F#5
022XXX  -  E5
466XXX  -  G#5
799XXX  -  B5
355XXX  -  G5
002200  -  A9
X46654 -  C#m*

/ = slide chord up to next the chord

C#5 / A5  B5  C#5 / A5  {break}

C#5 / A5  B5  C#5

E5  F#5  G#5  B5  C#m  (2x)

C#5 / A5  B5  C#5 / A5  {break}
E5  F#5  G#5  B5  C#m  (4x)
C#5  B5  A5  G#5  G5
C#5  (slide off)

F#5  G#5  E5  F#5  Am  (2x)  {play this riff twice without words after the

F#m  A9 (3x)
A9  C#m*  (this repeats awhile and then fades)

NOTES: Be aware of the two different "versions" of some of the chords and when
they are used. Also, this song is played in the normal 4/4 time, but some
chords are played for two measures and some for shorter than a whole measure.
If you the listen to the recording you should be able to pick up the timing and
the different strums.

verse 1:
I spent my head in the candy store buyin' hopes based on hints
Which probably weren't right
Someone dimmed the light,
And I lost my sense of truth

verse 2:
So take my pennies on the counter glass and spend 'em right for me
You got vision in the night
You're level headed in a fight
You play Boaz to my Ruth

Oh, and maybe it's just me
Lord, knows I been wrong before
But I feel like something's got to go
Cause it just can't stay this way anymore

verse 3:
I been pourin' out the oil while the engine's on, forgetting that it's hot
I been cuttin' my hand
on the rocks of the land
I been tryin' this without a plow

verse 4:
And I feel like a jar with the water gone. I'm all pasty and dry inside
You got to fill me up
We gotta meet and sup
so you can tell me how

(Chorus 2x)


bridge 1:
Misplaced passion
How many times will I deny my right to choose?
Misplaced passion
I often choose the jail and request to be abused

bridge 2:
Misplaced Passion
They say a hope deferred can make a heart grow sick
Misplaced passion
They say a sickly heart can play the cruellest trick

bridge 3:
Misplaced passion
Like a pure man's hand inside murderer's glove
Misplaced passion
Can you help me out?
Can you teach me how to love?

Can you teach me how to love?... (repeat)

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