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This transcription is not my own work; it's from sco's old fansite.


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"Sink or Swim" by Lori Chaffer (Waterdeep)
From the album "Sink or Swim"
Copyright 1997 Hey Ruth Music
transcribed by <>

   C (intro)     -  [X32010]
   C (verse)     -  [X35553]
   F*            -  [X33211]
   F             -  [133211]
   Bb            -  [113331]
   G             -  [320033]
   G4            -  [355433] +
   E             -  [022100]
   Am            -  [X02210]
   D             -  [XX0232]

+(Note: this is not the correct name for this chord, but it'll do for this song.)
*(Extra Note: Always be listening for a hammering on and off "pattern" with this
  chord: F*)

Intro riff:
  C (strum once, then hammer on and then quickly pull off on the 2nd fret on the
     fourth string)
  F* (hammer on and pull off a couple times on the 2nd fret on the third string)

[Intro riff (without words) 2x]

   Will you hold my hand?
   Do I have to stand
   in this world all alone
   where it's icy cold

   and all the people chime in
   "You've got to sink or swim"?

C      F  Bb  F

(Verse 1)
C                F  Bb  F
   Where there's rain there's drought,
C             F  Bb  F
   So I'll confess my doubts.
C                F  Bb  F
   Where there's threshing of the fields
C              F  Bb  F
   something's bound to yield.

(Chorus 1)
   And all the people cry out,
   they feel they're about to drown
E               Am
   on the ocean floor
         D                  F*  E  G
   but I know there's more

C     F  Bb  F (2x)

(Verse 2)
C    F  Bb  F
   I know You understand
C            F  Bb  F
   what it's like to me man
C              F  Bb  F
   Sometimes I forget You're near
C              F  Bb  F
   Sometimes I forget you hear

(Chorus 2)
   The way the raindrops fall,
   the sound of the wind as it calls,
E                     Am
   and every breath I breathe
       D                  F*
   and song I don't sing.

(Intro riff  4x)

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