More songs by Waterdeep

This transcription is not my own work; it's from sco's old fansite.


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"learning how to rest"
"old stuff"
don chaffer
1992 hey ruth music

G                   Bm
I came around the corner
         C            G
Of the outer edge of town
You were standing in the center
                      C          G
There were people gathered all around
G                       Bm
I'd never get through this crowd
     C                G
My heart went kind of numb
G                      Bm
But you smiled when you saw me
           C                G
and you beckoned me to come

G                                   Bm
so I struggled through the pressing mass
            C                 G
I had a thousand things to say
but I was sure your ears were flooded
                C                   G
And there was just too much in the way

D              Dsus    D
But then you said to me
G               D                    C
come away by yourself to a lonely place for a while
well I'm sure you're tired you know
    D                   C
I cannot even see your smile
there's just too many people here
      D                        C
why don't you come and be with me
Then you took my hand
          D                C
And we headed out for the sea
(you simply told me that I'd be free)
I got home late this morning
You've been gone since the other day
They took you to the tomb
But I guess we all go there someday

I came out here to get away
To get some time to think
Cause nothings making sense right now
I feel like I'm on the brink

Then on the distant shore
I hear some strong voice say
Cast our nets the other way

You know things get hard
           Bm                    C   D
And the world's not stopping for me
       Am                Bm
But I know now what to do
                    C        D
And I know where I need to be

Cause you said to me

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