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This transcription is not my own work; it's from sco's old fansite.


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"18 Bulletholes" by Waterdeep (from the album "Sink or Swim")
transcribed by Guy Williams, tweaked by sco

| Note from sco:
| I'm not sure that all of these chords are named correctly, or
| that they're even right at all, but it sounds okay to me when
| I play it using these forms for the named chords:
|   E   - 022100
|   E7  - 020100
|   C#9 - 046600
|   C#m - 046650
|   B9  - x24400
|   A9  - x02200

the intro goes something like this:

   E        E7          C#9          B9
       A9     B9       A9          B9

go from holding the last note of the intro straight into the song:

E                     E7                     C#9
18 bulletholes in the body of a priest. they say he was eating a hot dog
         B9                                        A9
when the ammunition was released.  they say he was always fat and lazy
              B9                                     A9
but he was an awfully nice guy. that's just one more death to show you
          B9                                                  C#m
you never know when you're gonna die. you might be facing the beast.

E                                            E7                           C#9
sometimes, God, i feel like i'm living in a bone grinding mill, and every time
                       B9                                                  A9
i hear the sound i can barely stand still. it's a thing i can't quite make out
sometimes but it seems to be getting louder
one more body from the valley of the dry bones
        B9                                      C#m (strum down a few times)
getting ground up into powder against Your holy will.
   B9(strum down about 3 times)

    E   B9      A9       E      C#9     B9        A9
    oh, God, it hurts so bad to love anybody down here.
        E         B9       A9      E
    why don't You come and help me out?
        C#9       B9       A9
    cause i can't even see clear.

the funny thing about the way a girl gets destroyed, about the way that
deal goes down,
is that everybody sees it coming at the sister from all the way across
town.  and she
isn't always blinded, she isn't always far astray.  she just might not
be thinking.
she might be having a bad day. but when you choose, you choose, and when
you drown,
you drown...(chorus)

bridge: (this goes right along with the intro part)
last night i dreamed that You swallowed me into Yourself
and i was floating on the sea inside.
C#9                                        B9
when i landed on the shore, i saw all these people
that i thought had died. i hadn't seen
some of them for ages.  they had left without a single word.
and when i said something to them,
not a single one of them heard.

they were all looking right through everything like it wasn't even
there. some were full of anger,
some were full of fear. and then i recognized that something very sad
and very beautiful was happening
right here.  they were all caught outside standing alone in very heavy
rain, and when a raindrop landed
on my tongue, i didn't need You to explain that these were Your

(chorus, then ending chorus)

ending chorus:
    oh, God, it hurts so bad to love anybody down here.
    oh, that's right. You know so well.
    one thorny crown, three nails and a spear.
    one thorny crown, three nails and a spear.

the intro is played again with the chords playing in the background.
listen to the cd to get the idea as far as timing goes.  enjoy, this is
an awesome song.

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