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Written by Derek Webb
From his 2013 album I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry & I Love You
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 3rd fret
12-string or Nashville-tuned to emulate album version

|C   Em  F   %  |Am  %   F   %  |Em  %   G   %  |G7  %  |

     C              Em            F            %          Am  %
your tears they are precious i collect them in bottles my love
      F         %           Em              %         G  % G7 %
their current directs me to things from the surface unseen
         C         Em          F           %              Am  %
there is never one wasted they all fall at just the right time
 F           %           Em          %             G   %  G7  %
upon the dry soil that's thirsty for love's nourishment

       C       %            Dadd4  %  %  %
     i used to think it was sad
           G       F     C/E  %  G7  %
     now i find it beautiful

CHORUS 1:            C* %  Dm11  %
         'cause your heart breaks
               F2 %  Em*   %
          your heart breaks
             Dm11  %       G7/B  %    Am   %    %   G7
          in all----  the right pla---ces

         C        Em          F           %          Am  %
you're a lovely magician, and i've fallen under your spell
       F          %         Em            %             G  G7
you discern every moment as one who knows how this will end
        C          Em             F        %          Am  %
it's as if you see through me, as if i'm unknown to myself
     F             %            Em       %           G    G7
your eye finds the aquifer, the static reserve of my tears

        C        %          Dadd4  %  %  %
     so i need a well to my heart
                 G      F         C/E  %  G7  %
     and i trust you to break the ground


CHORUS 2:            C  %  Dm7   %
         'cause your heart breaks
               G4  E/G#  Am    G4
          your heart---- breaks
             F    %      G7    %   C  %  %  (G7 except at end)
          in all--- the right pla--ces


       C            Em          F               %         Am  %
like a light on the water, like sounds bouncing off every wall
    F          %           Em               %         G  % G7 %
you give me my heading and guide me through dangers unknown
    C             Em          F              %       Am  %
you weep with the weeping and dance when the music incites
    F         %        Em          %         G   %  G7  %
you do it for me and i wish now to do it for you

          C           %               Dadd4  %  %  %
     like salt in the drops from your eyes
            G          F     C/E  %  G7  %
     it's restores and it preserves

CHORUS 1 (2×)

Transcribed 2021-07-27 by T-rev
More tab available at

% = repeat same chord
x32010 C
022000 Em
133211 F
x02210 Am
320003 G
323003 G7 or 323033
x5403x Dadd4
0x2010 C/E
x3505x C*
x5706x Dm11
x8T0Tx Fadd2 (T=10th fret)
x7908x Em*
x2303x G7/B
xx021x D(m)7
3x001x Gsus4
422400 E/G#

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