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"MEDICATION" by Derek Webb
Written by Derek Webb
From his 2004 album I See Things Upside Down
Transcribed by T-rev

12-string to emulate One Zero acoustic version

INTRO/OUTRO:  Am        F2  Em       G (2×)

             Am      F2      Em
don't lie to me just tell me something true
           G    Am   F2     Em
'cause i'm only free when i look at you

               F2           G  Am
         and you look so good it hurts
            F2           G   C
         and love, i come un--done

                      Dm   Em
      but i don't want medication
                   F2   G
      just give me liberation
               Dm                 Am            G
      even if it cuts my legs right out from underneath
                    Dm   Em
      don't give me medication
                     F2   G
      i want the real sensation
              Dm           Am                 G
      even when living feels just like death to me

               Am     F2      Em
don't paint my face i need to see the scars
     G        Am           F2    Em
so i won't forget the back of my tutor's arm

                F2              G  Am
         'cause i just can't keep it straight
              F2              G   C
         which kills and which one saves


F2                            Am
   ‘cause the truth is i need you
   just like the air i breathe
               G4                             G
   just like a freight train needs the tracks beneath
F2                               Dm
   so i'd rather suffer my whole life
   and be this rich man's wife
   if loving you means suffering



Transcribed 2021-07-27 by T-rev
More tab available at

x02210 Am
133011 Fsus2
022000 Em
3x0013 Gsus4
3x0003 G
x32010 C
x00231 Dm

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