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This transcription is not my own work; it was contributed to the site by another derek webb fan.

I haven't had a lot of time for guitar recently, but this is one of several tabs that various nice people have sent me. I haven't reviewed or editted them, so no guarantees about accuracy, but I'm sure people will find them useful. If you have transcribed a Caedmon's Call or derek webb song that's not already on this site, please feel free to send it in to be shared here.


Words & Music: Derek Webb
Transcribed by Jamie Pruitt -
Capo 4 (album version capo 5)
Intro: C (hammers on G string on the 2nd fret, then on the D string on fret 2 and 3)

Like a man comes to an altar
  F              C
I came into this town
With the world upon my shoulders
    F               G(hammers D string on 2nd and 3rd frets)
and promises passed down
   Am            Em
I went into the water
   F               G(hammers D string on frets 2 and 3, walks back down into the C)
My father, he was pleased
   C                Am      G
I built it and I値l tear it down
   F       G       C
So you will be set free

But I found thieves and salesmen
Living in my father's house
I know how they got in here
and I know how to get them out
I知 turning this place over
From floor to balcony
and then just like these doves and sheep
Oh, you will be set free

I致e always been a lover
Before I drew a breath
Some things I loved easy
and some I値l loved to death
Because love's no politician
It listens carefully
So of those who come, I can't lose one
So you will be set free

But go on and take my picture
Go on and make me up
I値l still be your defender
You値l be my missing son
I値l send out an army
Just to bring you back to me
Because regardless of your brother's lies
Oh, you will be set free

I am my beloved痴
and my beloved痴 mine
So you bring all your history
I値l bring the bread and wine
and we'll have us a party
Where all drinks are on me
Because as surely as the rising sun
Oh, you will be set free

Ending: C, C/B, Am, G, F, G, C

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