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This transcription is not my own work; it was contributed to the site by another derek webb fan.

I haven't had a lot of time for guitar recently, but this is one of several tabs that various nice people have sent me. I haven't reviewed or editted them, so no guarantees about accuracy, but I'm sure people will find them useful. If you have transcribed a Caedmon's Call or derek webb song that's not already on this site, please feel free to send it in to be shared here.


In God We Trust
Derek Webb - Mockingbird
Transcribed by John Huss

In God we trust and the government is on His shoulders
          Amaj7/G#                    Amaj7
In God we trust through democracy and tyranny alike
          C#m                D                 Gm  F#m  Em  E
In God we trust He uses both good and evil men

In God we trust
So we fight for peace and He fights for us
In God we trust
Even when He fights us for someone else
In God we trust
Even when He looks like the enemy

In God we trust
Even though our hearts are bankrupt
In God we trust
For more than just the value of our dollar bills
In God we trust
But there's no gold behind these notes of reserve

In God we trust
Even through our great presumption
In God we trust
Even though He favors no nation-state
In God we trust
Even when the blessing is a curse


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