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THE GATHERING from City On A Hill: The Gathering
Performed by Caedmon's Call, Dan Haseltine, Bebo Norman, and Sara Groves
Written by Andrew Peterson, Derald Daugherty and Steve Hindalong
© 2003 Never Say Never Songs / New Spring Publishing / Derri Products
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo first fret.

C                       Em               F
Sisters, brothers we've got to learn to love each other
    C                                    Em             F
Our Father in heaven has called us to be instruments of peace

Children of his mercy, the time has come
     Em               F
  to face the sun and hold up high
    C                                   Em            F
The banner of love of the Lord until We gather in the sky

    G                     F        C
    All God’s children of love and light
    G                   F   C
    Every heart will be unified
    G                     F         C
    Singing praise to the Lord, our King
           C          G     Am
    On the day of the gathering
           C          G     C
    On the day of the gathering

We are the body of Christ, the Kingdom Come
      Em                    F
  the hands and feet of His will be done
A torch in the dark of a dying place
      Em                  F
  the living light of his saving grace
      Em               F
  the living light of amazing grace

x32013  C   (with x30013 C2)
022003  Em
133013  F2  (with 133213 Fadd9)
320013  Gsus4
x02210  Am

Transcribed 8/31/2008 by T-rev
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