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"Daring Daylight Escape" by Caedmon's Call
From "40 Acres"
Words and music by Derek Webb
Copyright © 1999 New Spring Publishing / Niphon Music (ASCAP)
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2.  Chords named relative to capo.

G   320033       B7      x21202
F   133211       Em      022000
C   x32010       Asus    x02230
D   x00232       A       x02220
F#  244322       Eadd#5  022110

INTRO:  |G    |F    |C    |D    |

            G                                    F          C   F  C F#
I've got my mind made up I've got to love you or leave you fast
            G                                        F           C   F  C F#
'Cause I've been thinking clear and I don't know how long it'll last
     G                                        F       C    F  C F#
Just like Uri Gellar I was bound to twist the facts around
         G                                   F              C   F  C
I've got to get them straight before my baby up and leaves town

       D                 B7
'Cause I can't walk on water
         Em                      Asus A
And if I chase you I might drown
    C           D (stop)
And I'm already up to my neck and

    G                          F
If I may pose a question it'll only take a second
         C                           D
'Cause I know that it's getting late
         G                         F
And then depending on your answer I might have to pack
           C                      D
And make a daring daylight escape
             C                   D
Because it's either high time to make you mine
     G                  B7         Em   Eadd#5
Or I swear it's time to get out of town
   C                   D (stop)
So please say yes quick 'cause the sun's going down

          G (stop)                              F            C  F  C F#
Yeah well London's nice but it's the last place you want to go
     G (stop)                               F           C   F  C F#
Yeah but there's no crime and you can catch a Broadway show
    G                                      F          C  F  C F#
But it's just so far and it's bound to get a hold on you
     G                                         F              C    F  C
I've got front page headlines pulled right out of yesterday's news

D                         B7
You can read all about it
      Em                      Asus A
About boy meets girl and then
   C                      D (stop)
He screws the whole thing up just like always


SOLO:  |G         |     F    |C         |F   C F# G|
       |G         |     F    |C         |F   C     |

D                         B7
It's no crime to love you
       Em                       Asus A
But my heart's still doing time
         C             D (stop)
But it's acting on its best behavior


Transcribed 2/12/2007 by T-rev
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