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"Dance" by Derek Webb
From a live solo performance
Words and music by Derek Webb
Copyright © 2000 Niphon Music (ASCAP)
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 3.  The "The Guild Collection, Volume 3" version is basically the same
but capo 2.
The "Long Line Of Leavers" version is somewhat different and is capo 7 in D.

3x0033  Gno3 ( 2xxxxx -> 3x0033 )
 -> 2x0033 -> 0x0033 -> x00033
x32033  Cadd9 (sometimes x30033)
 Repeat three times.

x32030  Cadd9
x00232  D/A
020033  Em7
x32033  ( -> x2xxxx -> x30033 )

320033  G
3x3010  Fmaj9/G (3x3210)
x32010  C
x35543  Cm
3x0033 -> 2x0033 -> 0x0033 -> x00033
x32033  Cadd9
x00013  D11/A? (first time through only)
 Repeat, then:
x35543  Cm

Transcribed 3/8/2000 by T-rev
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