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This transcription is not my own work; it was contributed to the site by another Caedmon's Call fan.

I haven't had a lot of time for guitar recently, but this is one of several tabs that various nice people have sent me. I haven't reviewed or editted them, so no guarantees about accuracy, but I'm sure people will find them useful. If you have transcribed a Caedmon's Call or derek webb song that's not already on this site, please feel free to send it in to be shared here.


Rest Upon Us

capo : 4
Key of B

G    C      G

Am                          D
My soul is weary, and my cup is dry,
Am                    D
I am so in need of you,
Am                            D
though my rightesousness is rags,
Bm                C
your mercies are new
                C   D  G
so Lord, come down to me,
        C     D  Em
so my heart can see,
       C                G       D
how encompassing your grace can be

       G      C     G
Holy Spirit, rest upon us,
           Em    C       D
Breath of God, touch my soul,
         G       C      G
Come unfailing love of Jesus,
       D        Bm   C
rest upon us, rest upon us,

my mind is heavy and my days are long,
I lift my eyes up in the night,
my heart it weighs me down,
but your burden is light,

so Lord, come walk with me
until my heart believes
all the bounties that your grace can bring

G   C   G
       Em   C     G
I will wait for you
        Em    C  D
I will wait for you
     Bm    C      D
you rest upon us
    Bm    C
come rest upon us

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