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This transcription is not my own work; it was contributed to the site by another Caedmon's Call fan.

I haven't had a lot of time for guitar recently, but this is one of several tabs that various nice people have sent me. I haven't reviewed or editted them, so no guarantees about accuracy, but I'm sure people will find them useful. If you have transcribed a Caedmon's Call or derek webb song that's not already on this site, please feel free to send it in to be shared here.


Let Me Be (Mercy of God)
words and music by Aaron Senseman

Key of F
Guitar capo 3, key of D

 D                             G
Lord, You are the maker of my heart
 D                         G
Framer and reshaper of my soul
 Em           A
Master and creator
 G             D/F#
Healer and sustainer
Em                          G
I will put my trust in You alone
  D                            G
Teach me to be faithful to confess
D                                G
In this way, my spirit will be blessed
 Em                A
Though my sins are daily
 G                 D/F#
You have loved me greatly
  Em                              G
Removing them as far as east from west

  Let me be open
  Let me be humble
                  Em                           G
  Let me find the joy of my salvation in Your cross
  Let me be broken
  Whenever I stumble
           Em               Asus        D
  Let me remember the great mercy of my God

 D                                 G
Give me the full measure of Your grace
 D                         G
As it is reflected in the Word
 Em            A
Faith and reassurance
 G          D/F#
Mercy and endurance
     Em                                G
I’ll carry these to those who haven’t heard

           G                      D/F#
All I have needed is laid at Your table
          G                        Asus
All my achievements, I lay at Your feet
D/F#            G                     D
Alive in Your spirit, I’m willing and able
                   Em    A   Asus   A
You make my joy complete

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