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More songs by Caedmon's Call

This transcription is not my own work; it was contributed to the site by another Caedmon's Call fan.

I haven't had a lot of time for guitar recently, but this is one of several tabs that various nice people have sent me. I haven't reviewed or editted them, so no guarantees about accuracy, but I'm sure people will find them useful. If you have transcribed a Caedmon's Call or derek webb song that's not already on this site, please feel free to send it in to be shared here.


Great and Mighty
words by Aaron Senseman and Cliff Young
music by Aaron Senseman, Cliff Young and Joshua Moore

Key of Db
Guitar tuned standard, down ½ step, key of D

Intro: D2/F#  D2/G D2/F#  D2/G

D2                                         D2/G
Hold my heart, O God, keep me ever in Your will
D2/B        Asus             Em7sus           Em7
   There is joy within Your presence here and now
But better still
D2                                                    D2/G
Is the day that is to come, when Your full glory is revealed
D2/B       Asus             Em7sus         Em7
     I have long endured the trials of the age
But I will say

          D2   D2/F#     D2/G
You are great and mighty God
Robed in majesty
   D2/F#    D2/G        Asus   D2/B
You set us apart, You set us free
          Asus        D2/F#  G
When You captured our hearts
You are great and mighty

D2                                           D2/G
So in You I will rejoice, make my life an offering
D2/B     Asus             Em7sus        Em7
    I’m enraptured by the mercies of my King
And I will sing

       Em7               D/F#  G
I will sing Your praise, I will sing Your praise
  Em7        D/F#    G
O name above all names
       Em7            D/F#    G
I will count the days until I see Your face
       Em7     D/F#  G
I will evermore proclaim

© 2006 Stuntman Music (ASCAP) /
Sliver King Publishing (ASCAP) /
Joshmooreownsthis Music (ASCAP) (adm. by Music Services)

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