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This file contains a transcription that is not my own work; it was contributed by Brett M.


Group: Caedmon's Call
Album: "Just Don't Want Coffee"
Song Title: "Another 10 Miles"
Written by: Derek Webb
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well, guys... if 'April Showers' is the easiest song that the guys do,
this is quite possibly the hardest. It is possible to take all the
progressions and simplify them to familiar chords, but of course then
you ahve taken all the flavor out of a really rad song. Anyway, here
it is. Derek is the only person playing, and the main verse and intro/
chrous riffs are not any normal chord; they are base chords with a few
strings left open. I have been putting names up for these kind of chords,
their names in theory, which can be odd (have you seen the 'Suicidal
Stones' tab?!?), but was told that was confusing so will just tab them
out. The song, btw, is in Bb, capoed at the third fret to put it in
G, but don't count on that helping much... (i'm telling you, this one
is nuts!)

Derek: clean guitar (Capo-3)



Just repeat this over and over.

The best way to finger this:
2nd string: 1st finger
3rd string: 2nd finger
4th string: 3rd finger
5th string: 4th finger
6th string: loop thumb over

It will take time to get used to pulling that 3rd finger up, just keep
practicing. It will come.

Verse 1:
The changes are really fast, so I'm not gonna put chords over words.
I will put the part, it is only 4 strums, and it is just repeated over
and over. Work on playing it muted, it sounds better. Also, in the middle
of each verse, one riff of the intro is thrown in. It is obvious when you
listen to the record.


The best fingering for these:
First one, the one like a G:
1st string: 4th finger
2nd string: 3rd finger
6th string: 2nd finger, also muting 5th string
3rd string: (the hammer) 1st string

I don't see what you see in me
I'm just flesh and bone
Many hours at the carrousel,
Postcards from far from home
Sometimes I feel as useless
as my empty words, old
president's dogs, clean paws,
no dirt-
What do these words mean?
Sometimes I just don't know.
Sometimes I just can't see
where it is I go- I waste
my whole day thinking over
things I've said and avoiding myself
like the plague in my head

Bridge 1:
Bm7 Cadd9* Bm7
I know that you see me and I know
A Bm7
You're about me, that's why You
let me roam


Just play the intro part over and over...

Another 10 Miles...

(Sax solo)

Verse 2: (Same as verse 1, see above)
Where does this all lead, and
why must I follow it?
Nothing is black and white,
(even me, I must admit).
I jot down the facts and work
on consistency, but open up the
closet door; it's George, and
the cat, and me.
My shifting eyes like sands
cannot focus on the void,
concentration still,
"Get thee behind me, Freud."
I'm grasping at straws and
the bale is almost gone;
the fire's grown much too dim,
nights grow much too long-

Bridge 1 (Same as above)

Chorus (Same as above)

Bridge 2:
Bm F#m A E
I am holding things Yours, not mine
G D/F#
while I should cling to You like a
Bb C D D7
cow beneath the light of a highway sign.

(Percussion and Sax solo)

Bridge 1 (Same as above)



Chord Signatures:


   G   D/F# A   Bm  Bm7 F#m E   Bb  C   D   D7  Cadd9*

7:15 PM 12/7/96

Lyrics printed by permission of Derek Webb and Aaron Tate.
Written by Derek Webb. (1994, Cumbee Road Music).
All rights reserved.

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