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"Picture of Things" by Bebo Norman
From the album "The Fabric Of Verse"
Words and music by Bebo Norman
Copyright © 1996 Bebo Norman
Transcribed by T-rev

Capo 2 in G

3X0033    G
X2003X    /B
X3003X    C2 (hammer 5th string, then 4th)
XX0233    Dsus4

X3201X    C
XX0230    Dadd9 (for the bridge Am X02210 instead of Dadd9)
2X00XX    /F#
3X003X    G
2X023X    D/F# (pull-off 2nd and 3rd strings)
022000    Em
X3209X    Cadd9

intro (verse is similar)


Transcribed 1/6/1999 by T-rev
More tab available at


Deep in the night
Far past the point of slumber
I was wrapped in a love that was woven fine
And it pulled me under
And I, I didn't want to leave her
I didn't want to treat her like the story of my lifetime
Just like that night love was fading fast
Leaving me cold inside

And where is that part
That houses all my fear
And which is the road
That I take from here
And where is this world
Where is this world, where is my seam
To find the picture of things

Just down that road
In that place we quickly go by
I found in world of its own
A secret flower
And I didn't know why
But I, I didn't want to leave it
But I knew I couldn't keep it
Somewhere in this desert heart of mine
And miles away I'm out of breath
And I'm out of my mind


And I know that time will come
When all words will be said
And I know that time will be
When I consider my Source instead of me
So pay no mind
No it's just fear I guess
I'm just lonely so I'm holding you again

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